After spending a couple of years working with mostly hand saws (as seen on Bored Panda!). I decided take some of the metal parts & pieces that I have been collecting to make some fun characters for an upcoming show in a Wine & Art Tent.

I come from a family of Wine Connoisseurs … and I always think, those Crazy Wine Chicks! They show up at all of the family gatherings, you know who I’m talking about… you might be have a few in your family or you might be one of them!?

I like making functional art and I wanted to make something wine related. I have a few souvenir wine glasses or a special bottle of wine that I want to keep for the memories (or because my artwork is on the label!). So I decided to make something that would hang on the wall and to hold a glass or a bottle… then my Crazy Wine Lovin’ Aunts came to mind! And that is how the Wine Chicks were born!

Each one is unique and has its own personality. Some are modeled after friends & family and some are just crazy people that I have seen at the various Art Shows that I have been in… and if you have ever been to an Artist Reception, you will recognize some of them here!

I can spend up to a few hours making each one, picking just the right parts to bring out their individual personalities. I also spend endless hours searching for rusty tools and parts. Even finding old horseshoes (the base of each one) is getting harder each year!

I’ve also made a number of “Bottle Cocks” for holding wine bottles! And make for a fun pairing of the two.

More info:

Leah enjoys a glass or two at the local vinyard, moreso when the music is playing!

Aunt Cheryl has a wine cellar with 300 bottles of the finest California wines, she can never decide if she have white or red, so she’ll open a bottle of both!

Aunt Irene can be the life of the party after a good Merlot or two

Jen is a smart drinker, she likes to pace herself… she isn’t always successful, though!

Mary is Italian, she can write you a book on the pairing of wines to any classic pasta dish

The Screaming Colonel, he demands a bold wine!

Crazy Cousin Chris has the key to all of the finest of wines

Cousin Leslie prefers drinking girlie shots… UNTIL her first glass of Chardonnay, then she gets all wide eyed and becomes the life of the party!

Lu Lu is the style queen standing in the wine line at the Artist Reception. She can tell you if it is box wine or bottle wine in that carafe!

Jenilee, all business until that bottle gets uncorked… She’ll sneak a glass or two after the kids are put to bed

Cousin Karen enjoys a glass of wine and a good book, but only ONE glass!

Shelley is a red Wine Chick… or white… or whichever bottle is open!

Bottle Cock Brian doesn’t drink but makes a great bartender and Designated Driver!!

Oliver can uncork a bottle of wine with his shoe… if a Bottle Cock wore shoes!

Denise pours a glass of Fish Eye for his favorite Chick, Shelley!

These two are a Hoot!!! Cheers to a couple of wine drinking night owls!