Last summer I travelled with my family to the remote Scottish island of Easdale near Mull. Easdale used to be at the centre of the British slate industry until a great storm in 1850 flooded most of the quarries where now giant pools of seawater cover all history of the mines but now Easdale is a popular escape for those in need of some good Scottish air and has a population of around 200. The island is unique in its quiet charm and as with any remote place it possesses an ineffable stillness (that is without going in the pub) which I tried to capture, probably badly but I’d like to share these with you pandas…

The ‘quarry’

My brother fishing

Easdale Slate

Scottish mist


Easdale wildlife

A bird

View through a rock pool

This one is my favourite, I don’t know why

On arrival you’re given a wheelbarrow to carry all of your stuff around

More slate and the mainland

Birds nesting on the rocks

View from the peak

Goodbye Easdale