I was able to spend a morning with the Hadzabe Tribe near Lake Eyasi in Tanzania. The Hadzabe tribe is small with just over 1,000 left in the world. However, only about 300 continue to hunt and gather as their forefathers have for over 10,000 years. Researchers concluded that they originated from this area in the Rift Valley and genetics suggests the Hadzabe may be the principal root of the human family tree. Could this tribe be where we originated from?

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Hadzabe Elder Making Arrows

Daily Early Morning Ritual Is To Make Arrows

Arrows Ready for the Daily Hunt

Gathering Around the Fire in the Early Morning

Getting Ready For A Smoke

No, This Is Not Tobacco

Hadzabe Women Getting Ready To Start The Day

Early Morning Sunrise Near Lake Eyasi in Tanzania

This Boy Had Fallen While Running And Was Upset

The Maker Of The Deadly Poison Arrows

Boil a Bit Of Desert Rose and One Can Drop An Elephant With A Single Arrow

Hadzabe Home

Time For The Hunt

First Kill

A Succesful Hunt

Bending Sticks With Teeth To Start A Fire

Success in Building A Fire

Meal Preparation

In Four to Five Minutes, Breakfast Is Ready

Sharing Breakfast

Trophies on a Baobab Tree

Little Boy Was All Smiles After Falling

Hadzabe Member