I took those photos from our Small eagle bay hide, using my good old 7D and EF 300 mm f2.8 lens, because I wanted to attract photographers to visit this amazing place.

It took me 5 months to make eagles pose in front of our lenses. In January 2016 I got my first visitors from Bulgaria, Lithuania and Norway. Looking forward for next season with those gorgeous birds of prey. Enjoy!

P.S. If you want to get to know them better, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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The long legs and talons are giving good grip when the fish is deep under the water surface

Brave heart at the post

After the 5th year the eagle is getting their full breeding plumage and are ready to have a partner for life

Adult plamage includes blond head, bright yellow bill and white tail feathers

When the ponds get frozen and food is scarce you need to fight for your meal

At sunset eagles need to move to a safer place high above the ground

Adult bird preparing for landing

Some times there is no enough room to land on the branches

I took this photo on the 2016 New Year Eve…

The total wingspan of those giants can reach 2,4 m!!!

Super-tele optics are great for capturing birds in flight and some times they like to cheat our brains

Long wings and tail feathers are used to pin point the landing and help the birds stand on a favorite perch

Eagles have very good eyesight, so I need to be very careful to not scare them away

Suspicious youngster is staring at me

I observed up to 15 eagles in front of the hide in the winter

Even rain and wind are not a problem for the kings of the skies

Young birds are fighting for food and perch, those training will help the protect their breeding territory and partner from intruders

There is one rule to get your part of the meal…you need to fight for it

Good perch is helpful to see your prey…so you need to keep away the rest of the que

If you are not strong enough winter is a challenge you need to deal with

Sometimes you get to know why adults need to respected

Wind, rain, mud and other eagles are just part of the real life

Hooded crows are very smart and you need to be very careful with those creatures

Some times is much wiser to defeat even from younger eagles

Walking with confidence and getting respect from other contenders is key of surviving the harsh winters

When hunger strikes even dead fish is a meal