Four years ago my good friend David Wheeldon — aka Fingers and Thumbs — asked me to make a music video for one of his beautiful acoustic songs. My idea was to shoot a tree over the course of a year, returning in each season to capture it from bare to bloom. A few months into making the video, Dave joined another band and his energies moved away from Fingers and Thumbs to touring with his new band, Dark Horses. So now, without a deadline to work to, life and procrastination took over and what should have taken a year to complete turned into four years.

Like the song, the video is home-made so it’s a bit rough around the edges. If I had the budget and a massive crew it probably wouldn’t even have been stop motion. But I like how stop motion gives it a jerky, slightly unsettling Nosferatu kind of feel. I also like making life hard for myself — even the title cards were hand cut and photographed.

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Fingers and Thumbs — I Won’t Shoot by Ian Newcomb