A blank canvas is one of the most amazing things because the possibilities that can come from it are endless. Yet, if you let it get into your mind, it seems like they can get a mind of their own and intimidate you, like this one did.

After spending three years with this canvas, it was finally time to paint it. With no idea of what to do, I put a pencil in each hand and started drawing, then painting, and painting, and painting. I planned none of it, and decided to let the brush and paint do the decision making.

Taking only thirty hours, I was surprised at how fast I had finished this painting, compared to being afraid to start for years! I aspire to make people slow down and really look at a piece of art and see all the chaos, beauty, and little pieces that make it whole – much like our individual lives. This work is apart of one of my collections that contains organic and spiritual imagery to spark thought, inspiration, and imagination in the viewer.

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Bethany Stahl paints her largest work, Enlightenmen