My first trip to North Korea was in 2014 and I spent about 12 days in the hermit kingdom with my wife. We travelled to many places outside of Pyongyang which included Kaesong, Pyongsong, Wonsan, Samjiyon and also the newly built Masikryong Ski Resort. We also climbed Mount Paektu and had a spectacular view of the Heaven Lake that shares its borders with China.

Despite all the scary stories you hear about the country, this is the angle from my camera. The country is beautiful and very organised. A very clean city with extremely friendly people. As a landscape photographer, I wanted to bring back photos of what I saw there and share to everyone how gorgeous their landscapes and cityscapes can be by putting aside all our political and economical differences.

We couldn’t stop by many places to take proper landscape photos with my tripod and filters. I had to resort mostly on handheld settings and spontaneous solutions. I tried my best to experiment and find angles as much as I could while we stopped briefly at places without missing out on the explanations from my guides. I was extremely fortunate to bring home these wonderful and scenic beauties of their country and showcase them to everyone. Here are some of my best panoramic shots of the beautiful Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

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The Grand Monument at Mansu Hill

Mansudae Grand Monument

Sunset view overlooking the Grand People’s Study House

Juche Tower & Kim Il Sung Square

Study Hall in the Grand People’s Study House

The city of Pyongyang

A farmer and his child at the Chonsam Cooperative Farm

National Day celebration outside Kim Il Sung Stadium

Monument to Party Founding

Monument to the 3 Charters of Reunification

Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) in Panmunjom

Kumsusan Palace of the Sun

Kaesong City

Ullim Waterfall, Wonsan

The city of Wonsan

Taehwa Peak at Masikryong

The city of Pyongyang

Victorious Fatherland Liberation War Museum

Aerial view of North Korea

Pyongyang Sunan International Airport Airstrip

Mount Paektu

Heaven Lake of Mount Paektu

The Grand Monument at Samjiyon

Sunrise in Pyongyang

Pyongsong City

Mid Autumn Festival celebration at Juche Tower