I love travelling and visiting different places. More than different cities, I love jumping between different neighbourhoods in the same city (trust me when I say they are wholly different worlds!). As an artist and architect, I love the stories buildings have to tell and I try to capture that through art.

Almost all the sketches I do are made on-site and the time taken to complete it takes anywhere between 10 minutes to 5 hours! I take a picture of the sketch in the foreground and the building in the background most of the times and put it up on my blog to tell people the stories of the place, the stories I came to experience while sketching it, talking to people who stop to see and ask me what I am doing. It never gets boring.

I mostly use Watercolours and ink, and I am a big fan of dramatic pieces through the use of solid colours. These are a set of sketches from my travels within India and the United States. I would be setting up my online store in a few months, so stay tuned if you want to buy prints!

More info: hemusartblog.tumblr.com | Facebook

Nakhoda Masjid, Calcutta, India

Santhome Basilica, Madras, India

Trinity Episcopal Church, NYC, USA

Kuhn House and the Browning Amphitheatre, The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio

Esplanade Mansion, Calcutta, India

C.S.I Wesley Egmore Church, Madras, India

Smithsonian Building, Washington D.C, USA

Trinity Episcopal Church, Columbus, Ohio

Royapettah Streetscape, Madras, India

Georgetown Streetscape, Washington D.C, USA

Madras Central Railway Station, Madras, India

University Hall, The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio

Pansaari, Washington D.C, USA

Harishchandra Ghat, Varanasi, India

26 Broadway, Standard Oil Building, New York City, USA

Newport Music Hall, Columbus, Ohio

Falling Waters, PA, USA

Faculty Club and Orton Hall, The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio

Falling Waters – Level One Living Room, PA, USA

Agrasen ki Baoli, New Delhi, India

Falling Waters, PA, USA

Anna University, Madras, India