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I Design Keepsake Invitation Boxes For Weddings, Bat Mitzvahs And Special Occasions.
User submission
Product Design4 years ago

I Design Keepsake Invitation Boxes For Weddings, Bat Mitzvahs And Special Occasions.

I’m Anna and I’ve been an artist all my life. Years ago I did my last semester of college in Europe: touring cathedrals and living in a castle in France. I fell in love with stained glass and made it my life’s passion. I often incorporate handmade glass beads, crystals, depression glass, seashells and charms into my keepsake boxes, wall hangings, sun catchers and other functional art. I’m now able to create my art full-time: designing glass, jewelry and freelance graphic design as well as teaching painting and craft classes.

I make my glass using the copper foil method. Each piece of glass is cut by hand and wrapped with the copper foil. Then it is soldered together so that it will last a lifetime.

My invitation boxes are a labor of love: they take me 4-6 hours to make on average, some take even more. I’m always amazed at how each one is so different – they take on their own personality based on the information I’m given about the recipient. Every one becomes an heirloom box to hold her keepsakes and treasures from that special day to store photos, thumb-drives and jewelry.

More info: Etsy

This was a two-part invitation and full of color. I love the textured amber glass.

Contemporary, sophisticated and elegant.

Taking a narrow invitation and make it wider. I was told the girl liked “fun and funky” gifts.

This one had a plain white inside, and I couldn’t have that ;)

A variety of clear textures with just a little hint of color

This picture frame was fun to make. I cut up the invitation and used it in the oval cabochon at the top, as well as down near the Eiffel tower.

My first Muslim wedding box! I was asked to use lots of gemstone colors. It’s now in Tanzania, which may be the furthest my boxes have traveled. I’ve had several go to Israel and one to Alaska as well.

The recipient is a Star Wars fan. This is the close up of a cabochon I made.

Here’s the full box. I think the artwork looked a little like black holes as she’s a SF fan.

Having fun with colors. Blues and Purples together.

This one is for a wedding. I made the date section with my Cricut. It’s a new toy for me. The top of this is a polished slice of agate. The wedding invitation is inside at the base of the box.

A wedding invitation box with an agate. The date section designed with my Cricut.

One of my all time favorites! I was given the reply, dinner and directions portions of the invitation so I used them on the sides of the box. I added in beads and charms.

Just a little bit of color

So I had some fun with this one! The invitation was very narrow and I went wild with texture and color.

Three parts total. The invitation of the front, the engagement announcement and save the date.

Three parts to this one as well. A peacock drawing is on the front, the invitation and various parties inside.

This was a true collaboration with the woman who purchased it. She knew just how she wanted this one to look, and it come out super pretty! I used a crystal shard of glass in the upper corner.

Another of my favorites. Clean and simple.

Sometimes simple is best. This one just has a gorgeous textured glass on the sides and four corner charms. I was able to match the color of the lettering by using a copper patina with a light gold rub on top.

Clean lines give a contemporary feel.

I used basketball textured scrapbook paper to make this one. I gave the solder on the basketball a black patina.

Star of David box for a Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah


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