Saturday, December 8, 2017, a tightrope walker broke a world record in Paris, walking barefoot on a strap as wide as a metro ticket between the Trocadero and the Eiffel Tower.

This event took place on the occasion of the 31st edition of Téléthon and was live broadcast on France Television and TV5 Monde.

It was a unique exploit and a world record because the strap measured almost 700 meters ! It was the first time in the world that such a long highline was installed and crossed in a city.

More info:

Golden hour for this incredible line

Nathan Paulin, highline world recordman before rigging the highline on the Eiffel Tower

The installation takes place during the night

Two team have to instal from Trocadero and from Eiffel Tower

700 meters, it’s very long and complicated to manage !

In the morning, one of the tightrope walker is going to test the slackline

Reflection of the highline in the street

Tests start early in the morning

Slackline is “slack”, not like the traditional cable for funambulist, it’s more difficult to walk

Parisian people came to see this unique event

Tourists enjoy this spectacular show in the air

It was a first for the “Iron Lady”

The view from the Trocadero place, one of the most famous place of Paris

The highline was instal between Eiffel Tower and a construction crane

One of the slackliners walk with Montmartre behind him

With the height of the slackliner, the line is not completely right

This team is used to walk highline into mountain, not in city

Nathan Paulin is stress for this world record attempt

Before starting to walk, he can enjoy the view and the line

Nathan start is long 700 meters walk in the sky

The only view from the Eiffel tower toward the Trocadero

The public was not very numerous because of Johnny Hallyday ceremony…

Nathan is fully focus on the aim : to not fall

Nathan walk 70 meters above the ground

Nathan “inside” the Eiffel Tower

The walk started from the first stage of the Eiffel Tower

Nathan at the summit of his art

On the ground, french TV celebrities comment the record for national television on live

Finaly Nathan crossed the line in less than 30 minutes without falling

The slackliner is very happy of this new world record

It’s a team world record because the installation demand a lot of help

Nathan is shoot by TV and tourist after the event

Nathan Paulin is only 25 !

The team of the world record on Eiffel Tower

This event took place for the Telethon, a french non-benefit national event