When I found out that Fijian Pole Dancer Philadelphia Tivoli was in Kraljevo, the same small town in central Serbia that I live in, I just had to meet her and photograph her in her element.

But more than that, I wanted to combine two art forms in one to create something artistically unique. So I arranged for the amazing Serbian artist Sladjana Miljkovic to decorate her with body paint for the photo shoot.

The details in Miljkovic’s abstract painting accentuate the curves and shape of Tivoli’s body beautifully and really adds more dimension to the stunning acrobatic abilities she exhibits on the pole.

It was truly amazing to work with two completely different artists to co-create this unique Pole Dance Body Art photographic series.

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Photographer: Milica Šolajić
Pole Dancer: Philadelphia Tivoli
Body Artist: Sladjana Miljkovic