Xiamen is an island of Mainland China, and Kinmen is an island of Taiwan. Xiamen and Kinmen are separated by a distance of only 1,400 meters.

Since 1949, Xiamen and Kinmen have been at the forefront of the military and ideological confrontation between mainland China and Taiwan. Both sides have had more than 100,000 troops, and the broadcast loudspeakers of both sides have been busy working for 38 years. Unlike North Korea and South Korea, Mainland China and Taiwan have not yet signed a formal truce. However, since the official release of the war in Kinmen in 1992, it has begun to actively develop the tourism economy with the characteristics of the battlefield.

With the gradual easing of cross-strait relations, tourists from Mainland China are now able to go sightseeing in Kinmen and visit those military facilities that were once used against Xiamen.

However, the flavor of war and confrontation is still ubiquitous.This war that has now fallen into silence has not stopped.

Shallow strait

The little island in photo is Binlangyu island which belong to Kinmen island, Taiwan. The skyscrapers along the long coastline belong to Xiamen, China. Dec 28, 2017, Kinmen, Taiwan.

Soldier statue’s target

Soldier statue is aiming at Xiamen skyscrapers from fort shot mouth, Kinmen, Taiwan, Dec 28, 2017.

Inspection tour in underground tunnel

Tourists are taking an curious nervous inspection tour in underground tunnel, Kinmen, Taiwan, Dec 29, 2017.

Gunboat wharf in mountain

Kinmen soldiers had pierced several granite mountains by the sea, allowing the gunboat to dock inside the mountain after the fight so as to evade the fire from the Mainland China. Dec 28, 2017, Kinmen, Taiwan.

Abandoned military camp

The number of garrison troops in Kinmen has exceeded a maximum of 100,000. Now that many garrison troops have evacuated for many years, many deserted military camps at Kinmen Island have been covered by grasslands. Dec 16, 2017, Kinmen, Taiwan.

Grass training facility

Military training facility covered with grasses, Jun 30, 2017, Kinmen, Taiwan.

Deserted military camp gate

Deserted military camp’s gate have been covered by grasses, Kinmen, Taiwan, Dec 28, 2017.

A soldier is watching Mainland China

A soldier is watching Mainland China direction on boat, Kinmen, Taiwan, Dec 28, 2017.

Fire direction

Cannon is aiming at Xiamen skyscrapers direction in a war memorial park, Kinmen, Taiwan, Jul 3, 2017.


People are watching fireworks during an beach vocal concert halftime, Kinmen, Taiwan, Jul 1, 2017.