Flash back to 1998. Toys ‘R’ Us meant a tricky walk through a tunnel under a freeway. Months of loose-changes saved up. All this just go get hold of a much sought-after Pokémon Blue!

Years later, and the memories of these 8-bit pixellated creatures live on through copious amounts of follow-up games, anime, films and cosplay.

Pokémon, especially the critters from the first generation, are just so iconic. These much-loved creatures have nested in our minds and are just so familiar in design. You couldn’t imagine Pikachu without those pointy, rabbit-like ears. Meowth without his golden trinket? It’s unheard of!

I love drawing Pokémon. During weekly streams, suggestions are picked at random and often a Pokémon or two is requested. Purely, by accident, I’d forgotten some of the extra detail on a Luxray. It just looked really peculiar; not quite right, somehow.

With that in mind, I decided to remix a handful of first-generation Pokémon without that key feature; and the results are scary, amusing and downright odd.

Hope you enjoy! More can be found over on our blog.

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