I am Pierpaolo Catini, an Italian artist based in New York City. In my last series, I create my characters using recycle of my home. I notice the beauty of some bones and I try to find a right utilize in my artwork shaping face, also using stones, shells, wood, plastic, eggshells, eye dolls, can, straw, old pipe, old glasses and everything that can be used for the second time and for a better life of the object.

I use glue and oil paints, but also acrylic, nails polish and clay. All is on canvas framed and usually I decorate the frame too. These artworks are all the same size 11x9inches but actually I start before doing this with a series of painting called Village series, where stones, plaster of Paris, gesso and stucco or concrete give me a materci surface like base.

More info: catini.art | Instagram | Facebook

Vincent, 10x8inches mixed materials on canvas. Stones, bones, old pipe, doll eyes, clay, acrylic, oils, varnish. Catini, 2017

Cowboy, Chef and Sailor: three of my characters

The Gypsy Steampunk&Magic is build almost totally with painted bones and oyster shells

The Mad Doctor use real (found) doctor tool, lens, eye doll, plastic sink object and of course bones, stones and more!

The Cowboy Dead&Bones, 11x9inches framed on canvas

The Che de Mar&Os has also texture in the frame, plastic wine bottles and the usual clay signature

The Gentleman Dark&Steampunk: the side photo is good for understand the thickness of the objects

Also a SculPainting of Jesus found space in my collections

The Guitarist Funky&Colors and his guitar in clay

The Soulman Jazz&Blues

it’s a Performer Sad&Clown with melanchonic doll eyes

A side photo of the sad guy

The Mad Hatter, by side