In the two weeks after the wedding, I took my wife on a wild journey. I wanted to show her some of the most unique corners of the world: mountains and landscapes of Norway and Sweden. Together we visited the most beautiful and difficult to reach places. During the fantastic 45 days of our trip we traveled 10.000 km by car and walked 160 km on foot through the mountains. And always with her wedding dress in my backpack.

During the mountain expeditions we had all our possessions in our backpacks, with each of them weighing 25 and 15 kg. We were often spending nights in a tent and during 40 days we did not sleep even once in a hotel or camping. We visited the most famous places of Norway, such as Preikestolen, Trolltunga, Nærøyfjord, the Jostedalsbreen Glacier, Voringfossen, Lofoten archipelago, the island of Senja and the valley Rapadalen in Sweden. In order to reach less popular destinations, we struggled through mud and swamps, climbing over steep rocks and sloping grasslands. During the autumn ramble, usually it was very cold, often raining and the very strong wind was always blowing; we fought with the penetrating freeze, wind and lack of sleep. My wonderful wife struggled extremely with them. In each of the places we visited, regardless of the weather, she was posing in her dress for photos. Together we took over 580 wedding photographs, from which later we selected the top 30. Our dedication resulted in the unique, which we will always remember. It was my debut in the wedding photography and I am so glad that I could shoot my wife.

I hope that you will enjoy the photos as well!

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