One of the most known facts about my hometown Jesenice is, that in May the northern slopes above the town get covered in a white blanket of daffodils (Narcissus poeticus). Last year I tried to do something different, something I have not seen before so I made a series of photographs with Milky Way above the daffodils. It was very well received as it was something people haven’t seen before. This year I decided I would do something more ordinary with the main goal being to photograph daffodils on the slopes of Mt. Mala Golica with the highest mountain of Julian Alps, Triglav in the background. And to also make a beautiful time-lapse of the sunrise in the process. It again turned out to be very special (great conditions) and it was very well received on my Facebook Fan Page.

So one morning I drove up the mountain road to the foothills of Mt. Mala Golica. It’s only a 15 minutes hike from there to get to the meadow which is fully covered with daffodils. A lot of people mistakenly thinks the daffodils are at Mt. Golica. But that is not the case as Golica has two peaks and daffodils can be found on the slopes of the lower peak (Mala Golica). As you can see from the images below the slopes turn almost completely white and it’s truly an amazing (almost otherworldly) sight to see.

More info:

Sunrise above the daffodils

Mount Triglav

Tiny grasshopper on the daffodil

My Dog, Bella

Golica in the evening sun

Macro of the daffodils

Cloud was there at the perfect time

Dramatic atmosphere

On the meadow in the evening light

Time-lapse of the sunrise