Over my photographic career I have met so many dogs and found such unique personalities in them. This was the most expressive dog I have ever met!

My name is Rhiannon Buckle and I am a pet photographer based in Bristol, UK. My aim during any photoshoot is to bring out the dogs character and capture those candid moments that show their playful emotions. It was only when I met with Winter, this gorgeous Whippet, that I realised how expressive dogs can be and I was so fortunate so meet such a characterful dog.

Winter was only 8 months when he came in for his shoot, so young but full of confidence and a huge personality to match!

If anyone’s reading this as a pet owner I’m sure you can relate to those moments where your pet looks at you in a certain way and you know exactly what they’re thinking.

I thought I’d share one of the most expressive series of work I have ever captured. This sequence of photographs was taken over 30 minute period of time, a ridiculously short time for a dog to show such different emotions. Enjoy!!

More info: rhiannonbuckle.co.uk

“Boop my nose!”

“Alright time to bring out the puppy eyes”

“What! That was the last treat!?”

“My party trick.. tongue curls!”

“Does my snout look big from this angle”

“I’m not impressed with the bright lights and cat impersonations coming from this lady!”

“Booger check please”

“Did you know there’s a lot of weird noises coming from behind your camera?”

“If at first you don’t succeed try, try again”

“Keep your eye on the ball.. but which one?”

“Stop taking goofy photos and just get a nice portrait of me!”