Don’t you know my famous fashionista cat @pussinglam with more that 24k followers on Instagram? Where were you living for the last year? This is the only cat that you didn’t know you have to follow on Instagram. She is an Instagram sensation that does luxurious outfits, glamorous makeup and high-end photography photoshoots. More than that she is living a life that you could only dream of: designer clothes and jewelry, exotic travels and a lot of staff that pampers her every day.

As @pussinglam herself admits, she is the biggest fan of Kim Kardashian and, of course, she had to do something to celebrate her idol. She asked me, her personal photographer and stylist, to take an iconic photo of Kim and try to reproduce it. So we did. We took the most spectacular photo of super talented photographer Jean-Paul Goude that he took for Paper Magazine and we reproduced it as close as possible.

We did not find a small champagne bottle so we had to improvise but in the end it’s our personal touch of irony. The dress was made from a pair of pants and a t-shirt and the necklace was custom made. It was quite difficult to shot this picture because I had no assistant but in the end @pussinglam was very happy with the result and the internet reacted like crazy with a lot of humor and appreciation.

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@pussinglam is the biggest fan of Kim Kardashian

It took a lot of work in pre-production and post production to reach this result

The cat wore it better!