My name is Janina Victoria and I’m an European Graphic Designer, exhibiting artist, illustrator and blogger. I spent the last six years living in Brisbane and Sydney, Australia, studying Visual Art and developing my skills as a Graphic Designer. Beginning of June 2016 I moved back to Europe, currently based in Germany as I’m continuing to pursuit my creative journey as a freelance designer.

I love painting abstract things, because I love the idea of creating something that is not visible in the physical but has to be felt with the heart. Other than a still life painter that literally paints what he sees in front of him, I paint what I see in my head. I feel and think in colours and textures. When I’m painting I feel like I’m creating something new completely from scratch, something that really only created itself in my head and then went on to paper; or I paint moons the way I imagine them. I find this process incredibly precious, because I’m painting something that obviously exists in the unseen otherwise I wouldn’t be able to see it in my head, but I get to put it on paper so that other people can see it too.

I love painting textures, moons and galactic-looking sceneries because it represents to me infinity. Infinity for me stands for infinite, limitless potential – infinite potential that each person carries.

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