I worked day and night for a week,or maybe more, to draw and paint a large map of Mediterranean Sea on my courtyard . I live in Volos, a Greek city and the courtyard in front my house was somehow ugly because it was just cement on the floor. I wanted to place stone slab and make it nice so my 3years old daughter enjoys to play. Ok, it was expensive for me , so I decided to paint it to make it look better. I thought it would be good for my daughter to make a colorful map of Mediterranean so she can play and learn things.

Maps is a very strong educational instrument, for us the teachers.

I tried to make the map look like a map of the Hellenistic era so i could pretend living at that time having a villa decorated with mosaics and hanging around with philosophers and generals making plans on the map .

It was also a chance to pretend that i am planning to travel to beautiful Greek islands and Mediterranean shores.

Excuse my English, blame google translator for any confusion. ;)

Preparing the canvas

Drawing the map

Testing deep blue. Too blue…

Changing colors to more “google maps” alike

A black rock pointing “my current location”on the map

Painting the moon in the phase it was when my daughter was born

Yellow sun for the East… Trying to paint my daughter, I painted my wife

Fully oriented map: From East to West

From West to East

From West to East again.The sun is now red-orange

From South to North

From North to South

Almost ready

Another (same) view…

Adding a ship

Ancient, Hellenistic era, timeworn map six months old