As a kid, one of my favorite books was Heidi. That scene in Beauty and the Beast where Belle runs from her village and is singing in the hills? Ya, you bet I was belting that song and dance out to anyone who would listen. So imagine my surprise when I ended up meeting-and falling in love with-an Austrian. 4 years, a dog and a baby later and my life is just a few kids shy of being the real-life von Trapp family.

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I mean, why even leave the house?

Sometimes I try to play a little game with myself. It’s called “try to hang out somewhere that DOESN’T have beautiful views”

Walking home when…

Should we leave the mountains to go camping in…the mountains?

Nature on our doorstep. Quite literally

The hiiiiiills are aliiiiiive…

Can’t you just FEEL the sweaty, hot summer air here?

An oldy but a goody. This housing style still dominates in these parts!

It’s actually hard to chose a favorite season…

It’s equally as beautiful in the wintertime

It’s totally normal to look out onto a castle in your backyard, right?

Even (or especially) with the fog, the beauty is everywhere

Next stop: local farmer’s house for some homemade cheese

Dogs gone wild, Austrian version

I’ll take my views with a side of honey, please