My name is Kristy Kokkinou from Greece and I am making accessories, bow ties and jewelry out of bike, car and tractor inner tubes. Recently, I started using old burlap coffee sacks in combination with my inner tubes. Its a goal for me to upgrade old and useless materials that would end up polluting environment, into practical fashion items.

Inner tubes look like leather but they are not!

Inner tubes are a waterproof and durable material. Since used inner tubes are not biodegradable, I think that the best and most creative way to use them in order to protect the environment is to upcycle them.

Each year, the world goes through more than 100 million sacks of coffee beans, but most of these reusable burlap bags end up in a landfill. Burlap is strong, versatile, durable, absorbs moisture, oil and grease and is great for landscaping, crafts, sewing and decor for your home or wedding. The best practice: Recycle coffee bags!

They are all cut and sewn by hand and are totally environmental friendly.

The burlap coffee sacks and the inner tubes are very carefully cleaned and sterilized. They have been washed several times in order to be very well cleaned and with no rubber smells.

It is a difficult and long lasting procedure until the final piece but it is worthwhile and makes me so happy at the same time!

More info: Etsy

bag out of tractor inner tube