My name is Antea Delpin, I am a 24 year old artist from Croatia. I make unique jewelry, mosaics and paintings.

I have always been inspired by the beauty of nature, the movement of waves and the depths of the woods. Since my childhood I have been collecting various pieces of wood, stone, glass and ceramics I found along the way.

That’s exactly what makes my jewelry and other works unique and gives them a special charm. The wood I work with I collect mostly on beaches, and especially after stormy weather. Each piece carries a different kind of energy, and I could almost say the pieces attract me to collect them. I like to process the wood surface minimally, so the natural shape defines where the stone inlay will be. The cracks and holes is what makes the wood so special! It’s a collaboration between me and nature. By adding stones or crystals into the cracked wood a new life is born.

My signature mosaic necklaces are ideal for nature lovers who always want to carry their bond with nature by themselves. The pieces are earthy, modern and made with passion and soul, from picking the materials to the finished product.

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