A collection of stunningly beautiful intricate multi-layered art for your home, one of my designs or Commissions by working with you. These art made from 4mm poplar laser plywood, which I glue each piece together and hand finish them.

I was always intrigued by Geometric shapes/patterns. The love of pattern grew even more while I was studying Architecture at University, for one of my modules I studied Islamic architecture and that is when I started looking into Islamic arts and patterns. The arabesque design, repeating and rhythmic motif of free-flowing infinite patterns inspired me to create my own patterns.

The inspiration for my designs comes from Mandalas, Nature and Architecture. Each design starts as a simple shape and after spending 100s of hours later I get my first draft. I then give each piece a name based on the experience, time and the feeling I got after finishing them.

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The front of Vision in Dimension

The back of Vision in Dimension



The Front of Peek 2.0

The back of Peek 2.0

The front of Peek 2.0 with custom name

The back of Peek 2.0 with custom name




Big Ben

Big Ben part 1

Big Ben part 2