A few weeks ago I started making character pictures using sugar sprinkles. I made them at night so my kids had a surprise to wake up to in the morning. Each design was done freehand and I used only my fingers, toothpicks, and different colored sugar sprinkles for tools. Each picture took 30-40 minutes to make and some of my children’s favorite characters from movies and books were the inspiration.

I can’t draw, sculpt, or paint and only took one art class when I was a child. However, food has turned into a great medium to create with. This has been a really fun project for my family, and it sure has helped get my kids out of bed in the morning to get ready for school!

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Willy Wonka

Harry Potter

Beast From Beauty and the Beast

Hermione Granger from Harry Potter

Belle from Beauty and the Beast

Stormtrooper from Star Wars

President Abraham Lincoln

R2D2 from Star Wars