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I Make Life-Size Crocheted Sculptures With Elements Of Realism
User submission
Needle and Thread5 years ago

I Make Life-Size Crocheted Sculptures With Elements Of Realism

I learned to crochet when I was four years old, and handed down to me was the traditional training of generations where I perfected formal techniques and patterns.

Rebellious and playful to the core, I use my accustomed skills to make unconventional creations. I find it fun and fascinating to crochet 3-dimensional objects, especially when they portray a sense of humor and ironies. My work is whimsical with elements of realism.

I make items with a fun, artistic point of view yet still hold true to be physically and/or historically accurate. I do research on my intended objects and really enjoy learning more about them.

More info:

Aphrodite Of D.C. (Life-Size)

Aphrodite Of D.C. (Detail)

The Mermaid And The King

The Mermaid And The King (Detail)



Gustav & Red (40” X 40”)

Gustav & Red (Detail)

Sonoran Guardian (6’2”)

Sonoran Guardian (Detail)

Baby Clyde (Life-Size)

Baby Clyde (Detail)


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