It’s obvious I love makeup, but I don’t have any photographic skills and frankly, don’t have makeup skills either. I got the idea of this project in the beginning of 2017 – I wanted to inspire myself with makeup every day AND improve a little my 3d skills. I knew I didn’t want to photograph my face but I also didn’t want to draw physically, but rather pursue a different path.

The idea of abstract, surreal, floating eyes and lips slowly developed in my mind and four months later I started actually making something finished. It took me a few more months to actually set up my Instagram account and with some trial and error, I started posting every day on @gliturr.

What I love in makeup today: 2017’s runway trends and fake/real freckles. I also love pastel colours and a little bit of glitchart every now and then.

More info: Instagram

I love this trend of solid shapes and dotted, freckly spots

Freckly eyelook

Spilled glittery beauty

Soft pastel colours

2017’s runway looks were dominated by these solid shapes with visible brush strokes

…which I love

Obligatory #marblelips glitchy closeup

Probably a favourite look. Now if I find the right blue glitter…

Crystal beads. Watermark is from my previous account which Instagram decided to shadowban



Inspired by VladaMua

Golden foil


Some more marblelips

Favourite trend, totally wearable – disconnected eyeliner

Blurry marble lips

Blue eyebrows seem to be my favourite

Solid closeup