Last year I found myself seriously struggling with an old neck injury that’s been affecting my graphic design career for years. I’d been making infographics, detailed charts, and other digital graphics for almost 15 years, but computer work kept worsening my pain no matter what I tried — and I tried everything — so I left my job.

In an effort to keep creating, I started making simple charts that didn’t take as much physical effort as some of my older work. Eventually I began to add objects to make the process even easier on my body since complicated illustration was out of the question. Here’s what I’ve made since last April.

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Seasonal fruit

Apologies to the southern hemisphere.

Need more plants

This wall is a chart

I made a chart into an entire gallery wall of art at my “chart show” in San Francisco. I made everything on the wall except for the album cover and the mirror.

Can I borrow a hair tie

Fall timeline

See you at the club, and by “club” I mean Costco

Hockey stick reimagined

Sine waves / wine saves

Hoping for the best

Love is patient, love is kind

Love does not leave nail clippings behind