Hello! My name is Monika, I am Vilnius-based professional ceramic artist and the creator of Mo Ceramics – the minimalist geometric ceramic jewelry.

Amazing concept of geometrical lines, shapes, calm colours brings purity of mind and life. Perfection in pure simplicity is my artwork concept witch I want to share with others. My artwork is the unique handmade jewelry line which I am still developing.

I am searching for inspiration in urban life and nature. Experimenting how geometric forms combines with calm soft colours. I am also inspired by a modern woman. Powerful and independent but at the same time feminine and delicate. That kind of woman you can see in my jewelry – strict as geometric shapes and in the same time feel the romantic gentleness.

I am big lover of Japanese art – origami and it was the inspiration to create Origami necklaces collection.

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Royal blue origami boat necklace

White origami boat necklace with golden sail

White dotty triangle pendant decorated with gold

Blush pink bar stud earrings

Set of blush pink earrings, geometric necklace and bar bracelet

Origami boat pendat with platinum sail

Details. Process

Minimalist triangle pendant

Set of triangle pendants

Blush pink bar bracelet

Jewelry set of bar stud mint geen earrings and geometric necklace

Bar stud earrings – perfect gift

White origami boat pendant

Jewelry set of bar bracelet, necklace and stud earrings

Mint green necklace and bracelet


Bar stud earrings

Blush pink origami boat necklace

Geometric necklace

Minimalist geometric jewelry set

Glossy black triangle pendant

White stud earrings

Royal blue triangle necklace

Minimalist bar bracelets

Jewelry set

Origami boat pendant

White glossy triangle necklace

Blush pink jewelry set

Bar bracelet

White triangle pendant with platinum dot

White dotty triangle pendant

Origami boat pendant

Origami boat necklace with platinum sail

White bar bracelet

Minimalist bar bracelet

Stylish triangle pendant

White triangle pendant with golden dot

Triangle pendant with platinum details