Our story started off with an annoying neighbor that would ALWAYS drop by uninvited.

We love when people come over but she would come all the time and we didn’t want to be rude and ask her to leave.

One day I was on Facebook and I randomly saw a video of a pillow that changed colors to reveal text. I thanked the universe for this opportunity.

I ordered a few cushions and bought all the equipment needed to print my own words onto these covers. The first cushion I made had “F$ck Off” printed on it. The whole process from discovering the video to having my first design took around 3 weeks.

I was actually happy to see my uninvited guest come over because I wanted her to see my new pillow.

She came over one day and immediately saw the gold, sparkly pillow that was on our couch. I went to grab some water for us and told her to sit on the couch where our pillow was strategically placed. She started playing with the pillow… I was watching her reaction of when she started to reveal the text on the pillow. PRICELESS.

I came back from the kitchen and things got awkward. She seemed kinda confused but I think she took the hint. She now calls us before dropping by.

We showcased our pillows to friends and family and they loved it! We started coming out with new designs and now we love it when uninvited guests come over.

We sent a bunch of our ‘Can You F%cking Leave’ pillows to a few friends that were annoyed with uninvited guests. They wanted us to give them more pillows so they can strategically place it in other rooms of the house.

That’s how Pearl Reveal Cushions was born.

More info: pearlrevealcushions.com

Well that escalated quickly…

For when uninvited guests come over…

Can You F#cking Leave Sequin Pillow

Can You F%cking Leave Pillow