I make lots of nonsensical things out of fabric, from insects to birds and thought I’d try to make a mouse.

I didn’t just make one mouse, I made a lot of mice. But they aren’t just mice. They are career mice! They have jobs!

I’ve become obsessed, I dream about them, I talk about them constantly and I’m trying to think of new jobs for them every waking moment. I need help, therapy or similar :)

And the most amazing thing? They are only 9cms tall!

More info: Facebook

My Mouse in homage to the great Penelope Garcia of Criminal Minds

Penelope Garcia is one of my favourite characters of all time. She’s super cool, intelligent and has a wicked sense of style.

The Gardener

A trug full of long stemmed roses….

The Butterfly Catcher

The butterfly catcher with his net

A maker of birds – like me!

A tiny bird in the hand

A bumblebee

Tiny hand sewn bumblebee

A Beekeeper with his bees and honeycomb frame

The Mother of the bride