In my free time, I sketch, paint and design covers/logos. Recently I have taken a shine to digital art and the results are brilliant!

I have never used oil paints before. Now I have the opportunity without making the mess.

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Night at the Beach

This was straight from the imagination. I tried to fit as many colours as I could to draw the attention without overpowering it.

This is my first digital oil painting.

Poppy Field

This poppy field is a landmark of the UK city, Brighton.

This is my second digital oil piece.

The Peak District

This one is my personal favourite! As this painting is of the Peak District which is very close to my hometown of Sheffield, UK.

This is my third digital oil painting.

Burning Skies

This one was more of an improvisation. It started as a sunset. The more I added, the more it looked like fire! There are no mistakes in art, only happy accidents…

This is my most fourth and most recent digital oil painting.