Maya foundation in Ahmedabad, India approached us and asked, if we could teach street kids, to make rain coats. Maya foundation runs a school for construction workers kids, who had no place to go while their parents worked. During monsoon these kids would stop coming to the school because they had no rain protection and obviously no money to spend for it.

Button masala is a simple technique of connecting fabrics, and it replaces tedious stitching from the garment making system. It requires only rubberbands and buttons (or any other round object) to construct garments or bags or shoes or raincoats in this case.

We used two polybags and few sequins and few rubberbands to make one raincoat. The cost of such a raincoat is almost negligible. The old plastic bags can be recycled as well.

We taught the kids how to make button masala raincoats in a 2 hour workshop. They all could make their own raincoat in less than an hour and jumped in the rain that came down right after the workshop.

For more details about button masala please visit our button masala page on facebook or instagram.

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kids at their small make shift school wondering what they going to learn today

us demonstrating them how to make the rain coat

raju attempting to make his first rain coat

soon we started seeing kids dressed up in their own raincoats

almost every one made a raincoat and look at the joy on their faces

they did not want to miss the photo opportunity

little aliens in their blue rain coats

a little mobile pouch can also be added with sequins and rubberbands