A month ago, in August, I was invited to paint at Sibiu International Street Art Festival 2016, in Romania.

Since I recently started a fresh new project of murals and because the 39th anniversary of Voyager 1 was to be held on 5th September, it was a natural selection for this tribute to happen. I guess. :)


‘The Message’ is one of the three murals that I painted out from my Social Space project.

Its story goes like this:


‘Twenty-five years after the introduction of the World Wide Web, the Information Age we live in has come to a peak.

A world scattered with notifications that come and go. Every second we are sending & receiving millions of emails. As we increasingly spend more time in this virtual reality, much of its content is being ephemeral for us.

Messages, photos, videos and more, seize our attention for a brief moment in this fast-paced time we live in.


But out there, floating far beyond our own digital borders, there’s one message we sent that will forever exist.

More info: goo.gl

“The Message” tribute is a panoramic mural that celebrated Voyager 1’s 39th anniversary since its launch by NASA on September 5, 1977. Voyager 1 spacecraft studied the outer Solar System, while carrying a special message in the event that it will be found by intelligent life forms from other planetary systems.

Like the spacecraft’s special message, there were 39 hidden, unique, hand-finished postcards on the mural for people to find, keep or maybe send a message with it.

‘Pale Blue Dot’ is a photograph taken by the spacecraft from more than 6 billion kilometers away from us, in which planet Earth appears as a tiny dot against the vastness of space.

At the time of posting this, Voyager 1 was at 20,424,543,744 kilometers away from Earth, in Interstellar space, the region between stars. It is currently the farthest human made object from Earth.

I hope you like it and made you curious about our place in this Universe.