Hello, my name is Sasha and I’ve fulfilled my cherished dream – I made an illustration to an adored book.

“The Wind in the Willows” – a fairy tale by the Scottish writer Kenneth Graham. The book about friendship and adventures, about true gentlemen, about humanity, surprisingly considering that all the main characters are animals. But most importantly about the delightful nature of Scotland.

From the very childhood, falling in love with an endlessly touching story, I knew that someday I would touch all this, I’ll try to see it with my own eyes. For a month or so I have worked with wood, papier-mache, stucco, sewing, knitting, I’ve painted, primed, plastered, molded from putty … well, of course, did needle felting. I’d like to invite you on a journey with me!

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Mr. Badger

Badger hole

Mr. Badger makes you a cup of tea!

Time to clean up the hole!

Let’s fix that embers in the fireplace!

…with my creation ^_^