Do you remember the Thing, the helpful member of the Addams Family, who always appears on the right time? The loyal hand became a source of inspiration for me.

“Victory”, “Fcuk you”, “You Rock”, “Fig hand”, “Gun finger” and “OK” – mute expressions in a form of vivacious candles. Works of art in the actual size of hand attain more and more original ideas, non-traditional interior solutions, or attention from people with the great sense of humor.

My works usually become a gift, in order to express a particular emotion, for example giving a Fuck you candle to the employer. I do not disclose information on the hand model. The most curious always find the way out: clearly visible finger prints in the wax could easily reveal carefully hidden identity of the model.

Soon, I’m planning to make candles shaped as human internal organs. Interesting, who will become the models of these candles?

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