The Hermann Monument stands since 1875 near Detmold on the Grotenburg in Germany and measures from floor to nose of considerable 53m. This summary is the only official story of this journey.

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On 28/11/2017 I wanted to shoot early in the morning for a german Newspaper the Hermann Monument

When I got there, I saw are the big shield of Hermann on the floor in front of the empty podium. The small metal dome on the otherwise Hermann stands, was empty – the Hermann was away.

I wanted to quickly run back to the car park, and call in the newsroom when I stopped after a few meters and almost fell on the wet stones of the way

He stood next to the forest, opposite its actual regular place, and looked through the forest towards Detmold. Slowly his arms from behind moved forward over the treetops, leaving crackling fly through the air a few branches and leaves. This moment I could fast with the camera hold, before disappearing between creaky wood in the forest.

As much as I hurried when I arrived by car down at the foot of the mountain that Hermann was gone

The editors of Lippe newspaper I made the request that I continue to follow the Hermann and in between report back with photos of sightings. I focused my search out on the core city of Detmold – after all this was the direction in which the Hermann disappeared. Finally, on 12/04/2017 I discovered the giant in the Detmold city center – directly in front of the State Theater. There, the Hermann tried to throw inside a look, and I was able to photograph him again. Shortly thereafter, he straightened up, looked around and was a few steps in the direction Doktorweg Lustgarten disappeared.

My search was then only unsuccessful. Some days I searched in and around Detmold after him – without success

On 07/12/2017 I afternoons broke off the search and returned to Lemgo – at least until shortly after Bentrup – there stopped the traffic and in the distance I could see something great on the road. At walking pace I followed the vehicle traveling ahead of me vehicles, until I could see in the traffic obstacle to Hermann. This moment I held fast with the camera fixed. Hermann stood in the middle of an intersection and a traffic light had bent up for support. He appeared there already to wait a little longer as forces already regulated the traffic and some motorists had disembarked. Somehow I had the impression that he smiled mischievously – but may also have been fatigue. When my car came to a stop, he turned toward Lemgo and walked with long strides ahead on the road. Until the road was released, I had but lost it again out of sight …

Until 12/11/2017, I then focused my search on the southern area of ​​Lemgo, which was obviously wrong

When I was in middle street around noon on the road, I heard in passing, as some people from Hermann on the ice world Lemgoer talked. I quickly went to the west end of Central Street and found the Hermann on the ice before. Apparently it was him there a little too smooth, because he tried his Rutschpartie, which immediately brought under an astonished look to slow down with his sword on an adjacent roof tiles in some air traffic. The moment I went right to the camera firmly . When I had packed the camera again, he was, however, already with a flourish at the meeting point over toward Herford street go.

The following day I first had to take care of another project, but I was in good spirits, the Hermann to find still in Lippe area, according to my calculations

Finally, he had written in the stones on the podium a bit of walking and do not escape. So on 12/14/2017 I went to the west again on the search. It quickly became clear to me that the great man pace must have taken out of his walk – he crossed in front of me the bridge over the East Westphalia road near Retzen – accompanied by task forces and helicopters. well you wanted the resulting crop damage keep an eye. Although I turned after passing under the bridge groaning in Retzen, I could no longer see full size him because he made a detour to Bad Salzuflen. Due to another appointment I had to stop here the search.

Hopefully I parked am on 12/18/2017 at the parking garage at the Ostertor in Bad Salzuflen one when I already could see two greenish shimmering wings including helmet above the rooftops of the old town looking out of the car park. lucky

Quickly, I was on the Salzhof where just the Salzufler Weihnachtstraum gives cozy Christmas atmosphere. Slightly out of breath I could watch the Hermann in how he fascinated at the 12m high Christmas pyramid the somewhat stiff wings turned. For the photo I had placed myself specially in the north in order to pursue his way, which unfortunately did not succeed. The Hermann still strolled briefly through the Christmas market, bent a few times down briefly as if he was looking for something, but then turned in a southerly direction and disappeared hectic. This time I stayed on it and watched the few traces of Hermann left on hard surfaces.

On 21/12/2017 these tracks then led me exactly to the Detmold street location. I was able to watch him several times as he leaned in front yards and apparently for something but did not seek found

Shortly before the last roundabout in direction Detmold he stopped short to the same move on quickly and seemingly bad mood a streetlight damaged – I was able to quickly take a photo. So the direction was clear now. He wanted to be walking through lip ended. So this time I just waited at the foot of Grotenburg on the sporting Lord.

In the late afternoon of 23.12.2017, I spilled my coffee I drunked while waiting in the car, when trees crunching overcame next to my side

Hermann was on his way to his podium, and I gave the old vehicle the spores. When I reached the area around the monument hectic, the giant came straight out of the forest towards his podium and I could take a picture. His movements were relaxed and leisurely, he looked pleased – in his hand he held a properly decorated Christmas tree. I remained for a moment in the cold air and looked like the old man pushed satisfied his Christmas tree next to the podium in the cold ground. It’s great that something is also available with battery lighting now, I still thought as the Hermann slowly picked up with screeching moves his shield and again mounted his podium.

At the top he turned back slowly and looked to his tree. He looked forward, stretched his arm slowly, together with sword in the air and froze again

An estimated 10 to 20 minutes I just stood there. It was getting cold. I took the copter out of the car and let him once again revolve around the Hermann to make one last photo. When I then looked at the clock, it occurred to me that I had to get drinks and went back to Lemgo. Hermann was back, and my work was done.