Space is so premium today, living rooms, kitchens and workspaces are getting smaller and smaller. Every inch counts.

So I made a magnet tie for you to attach non-magnetic items to metal and each other. You can use existing furniture and structures to store items that you want easy access to. It adds storage space without building storage.

You can also adjust the strap to make a really nifty magnet ring that really helps with DIY, Arts and Crafts and even laptop repair.

More info:

Use it in the home, office and for DIY

You can stick and unstick snacks, remote control and reading glasses to keep them close to your seat

You can attach light tools to your car so you don’t have to stop to look for them

You can organise your spices on the metal kitchen backsplash

You can attach and detach handy things to your armchair and be the complete couch potato

Decorate steel windows with cosy things

You can use it to make tiny screws jump to a secure place so you don’t loose them

You can use it as a magnet ring to pick up nails and keep them on your hand

A magnet ring is also useful as a pin cushion for your pinky

It makes DIY upholstery much faster

You can hold and sort out screws on your finger and just pluck off the one you need

Strap them on your pen holder and tidy up your desk!