I created this cardboard walk in installation, titled “FULL STOP” in 2005-2006. It took eight months of solid work, almost all alone. I wanted to capture the situation when an artist has run out of ideas and is blocked, hence the blank canvas in the middle of the room.

Contrasting that narrative is the tremendous amount of work and energy that I in fact put into creating the room! I used cardboard for its “crappy” and un-precious quality, plus its quick and cheap! Rather than painting it in full color, I like the cartoon quality of black and tan, so you can really see that it’s cardboard.

The piece is filled with subtle homages to influences of mine, as well as being a tribute to my father, also an artist, who had passed away a few years earlier. I first showed it at a gallery in New York City, and it will be doing a tour this coming year.

More info: tomburckhardt.com

Full Stop

Room View

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