Since I was little I loved crafts and I was always so excited for Christmas since I knew that holidays meant more free time to spend crafting with my family. 

For this reason, I wish to share some of my best Christmas crafts. I hope you can find some fun ideas here to enjoy that will put you in the holiday spirit!

Handmade Christmas ornament

This ornament is excellent to add something unique and cheerful to your tree this year! To make it, I glued colorful bottle caps, pins, buttons and beads with hot glue on a ping pong ball and I hung it with black plastic wire.

Spiky Christmas ornament

Do you want something quirky and special on your tree this year? Then this ornament might be just for you! To make it, you just need to stick with hot glue fake nails, toothpicks and small beads to a broken Christmas ball paint it in acrylics and hang it with a ribbon!

Nebula Christmas ornament

You can stare at the galaxies from your couch with these nebulae ornaments! You only have to decorate a broken Christmas ball with wire, folded metal, and beads and paint it in acrylics then hang it with a ribbon.

Christmas dessert

This Homemade dessert is done with tree-shaped cocoa biscuits covered in dark chocolate and sprinkles, filled with whipped cream and decorated with caramelized cherries. It’s perfect if you’re looking for an easy holiday treat for kids!

Christmas bookmarks

You can either gift these away to kids or use put them under the ribbon of a package you made as decoration!
With reindeers, trees and Santa beads, they’ll be ideal for the holidays! To make these you can just decorate the lower part of a plastic fork, small sticks or any long piece of plastic or wood. I used straws, fake nails, plastic leaves, cloth, plastic bags, pins, clothespins, cardboard, foam, and thread as decorations for the upper part.

Candy Cane Brooch

This one of a kind fully handmade brooch will surely give a holiday feel to your outfit! It was made sticking with hot glue miscellaneous beads, ribbons and other objects to a glue and wire core. To decorate it I used a bow, buttons, cloth, foam, clay, clothespins, wire, seashells, lace, pieces of a puzzle. Perfect to put on plain bags and backpacks as a fashion statement but it can also be attached to the wall as a piece of wall art or used as a centerpiece!