I’m Kushang Dholakia, a 23 year old visual designer from Mumbai, India who’s worked in various aspects of the design industry like UI/UX design, app design, ad design, branding and my personal favorite typography.

To gain more practice and be good at my art, I created a series of typography word art pieces. It’s a collection of 100 original typography designs based on how words would feel about their meaning. Part of “The 100 Day Project” on Instagram.

The purpose of “The 100 Day Project” is to enjoy the process of doing something one loves every single day. And I love words, typography, and design. After doing this, it has immensely helped me to be more focused and better at my skills. All designs have a black background as it’s my favorite color.

More info: Instagram

Day 97 – Road

Day 58 – Hard Work

Day 09 – Help

Day 01 – Care

Day 05 – Cry

Day 11 – Late

Day 35 – Sad

Day 46 – Freedom

Day 62 – Music

Day 73 – Love

Day 92 – Lazy

Day 96 – Scared

Day 75 – GO

Day 93 – Hole