I am a life long painter, fascinated and in love with the process of creating art. Painting is one of my earliest memories, age 3 at nursery stood at an easel. The colours, the brush strokes and building up tonal values. Over the years I have learnt many wonderful techniques and created lots of beautiful paintings. But not so long ago the thought occurred to me, “what if I paint only from imagination and nothing else?” Combine all the techniques I have learnt along my journey with imagination and nothing else.

So that’s what I love to specialize in and bring to life. It is not without it’s challenges, but I love it! It is so exciting to see what evolves through the piece and how it turns out at the end is always a fun and exciting little surprise.

I love painting in this way, it may seem scary, but it definitely is to be tried! I think your true imagination and style as an artist and in any creative field come to the surface, that is definitely something to be treasured and nurtured.

I work daily from my studio bringing to life the imaginary world in my mind, through the use of acrylics and oil paints mainly. There is lots more work still locked up in my mind itching to get out!

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More info: jennifertaylorart.com

The Rabbit And The Enchanted Forest

The Fox And The Forest Dream

Moon Rabbit

Winter Deer

Into The Woods

Into The Woods

In Bloom

Blue Bell Woods

Autumn Deer

Northern Lights

Lake Dreaming

Moon Gazing

Magic Earth

Across The Universe