As a mother of five precious daughters I like to observe children in their daily lives. I believe in giving boundaries to our children, but within those boarders they need the freedom to create and explore their own world.

My daughters are aged between 8 and 19 years now. It’s a while ago that they made their first steps into our world.

By growing up the world of our children becomes bigger. We have to increase the boundaries. However those boundaries are still necessary to create freedom, and a safe place to explore life. A safe place to seek for those split seconds of breathtaking beauty in our daily life.

As a natural light photographer I love to observe the world of children. I watch and wonder.

Take your little sister by the hand

Exploring the forest

First steps

Dreaming about…

The best mirror is an old friend

On her way to school

Spring is in the air little bear


I’m just talking to you my friend

Rainy days

Beautiful flowers