I have always loved children. There is so much adults can learn from children. I enjoy playing games with children from the neighborhood and to share daily stories with the cousin. I was 19 years old when my dad started children’s home in 2012. From that day I and my sister started sharing our parents and stuff with the other children. We were introduced to them as they are vulnerable children needing shelter, food, education, daily basic need and family care. But today if I have to introduce them to somebody I can’t say they are less than my own brother and sisters.

A small family turned into big. It was fascinating to see my mom serving food for 14 children ( Including me and my sister ). My mom needed to cook big meals every day. Not only cooking it was interesting to see my parents sharing equal love and care to all of us. Every morning and evening we all sit on our terrace and eat our food because terrace was the only wide area we all can fit in. Sometimes kids fight with each other and they come to complain to me with a mindset that I am their older brother and I can do justice for them. For me, it was like I had my own family football team.

It has been 5 years now I am living with them and I have never seen they felt they are not part of our family. I have seen them grown up and has had helped them with their day to day life.We have shared our good days and difficulties together which create unbreakable bonding between all of us. We all have lived in tents for several months due to the devastating earthquake, shifted home, grown crops and vegetable which allow our big family to eat our meals and more.

By caring them as older brother I got an opportunity to learned about child behaviors, how to treat them, how to understand them and more importantly how to encourage children toward their dreams.

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Dinner at terrace

Hammocks for children in our home

Birthday celebration

Yoga classes for children

Festival of colors celebration


With street children