My cousin asked for a knitted moose head for her wedding present. I’m not sure how serious she was but I thought I would take her up on the challenge…

I found a basic shell made of cardboard slats on eBay (they really do sell everything!). I needed a solid base so it would hang on the wall and have the antlers stay up.

I created the entire piece by knitting directly over the shapes with multiple needles. I used methods of increasing and decreasing stitches as I go to create the right shape.

I created large, reverse bauble stitches carried over multiple rows to shape the moose’s signature nostrils and increased and decreased stitches to shape the chin piece (which is technically called a bell or dewlap).

I have to bring this in luggage from the UK to Newfoundland and I imagine my cousin will need to transport it more easily herself so I have left it with the antlers and ears as removable pieces. I made two slots to fit the antlers and ears on the top. I did this by casting off and then re-casting on stitches to create an opening.

Finally, I stitched the eyes on. I used thick wool and layered it to give them a three-dimensional feel. I also added a white fleck to bring them to life.

I am very pleased with the overall result and now I am making one for myself! Hope you enjoy!

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Oh, hi. Here’s a knitted moose head I made from scratch as a present for my cousin

It started with a cardboard base I found on eBay

I knit the antlers using four needles directly around the cardboard as I went. I shaped it using increasing and decreasing stitches

That resulted in a perfect fit with no need to sew anything together

The antlers were two separate pieces…

I joined and reinforced them with a ruler and tape

I also knit the head directly onto the shape with multiple needles, shaping as I went. I created large baubles but in reverse to make a nostril stitch

I increased and decreased stitches at the bottom to make the floppy chin (technically called a bell or dewlap)

I made two slots to fit the antlers and ears in the top

I stitched the eyes on using thick black and brown wools with a small white fleck

I layered stitching to give them a slightly three-dimensional feel

I’ve left the antlers and ears as removable pieces so I can transport the gift from the UK to Newfoundland!

It’s very easy to assemble

And hang anywhere