It has been happening a lot lately. One thing reminds me of another thing. Sometimes my art comes from a feeling I have or a photo I have taken. Here are a few things I have noticed in the last few weeks.

I have always thought a sitting seagull looks like a peep, so I tested my theory the other day and it is in fact true. My friend was out shoveling in fisherman overalls and she reminded me of a funny yard sale lobsterman lamp we used to have in our apartment many moons ago. The lobsterman’s name was Dicky Moe. The lamp is long gone, but one of my neighbors happens to have a similar statue in her yard.

I create art from trash I find on the beach. A lot of times my art is a reflection of things in my life. Dogs, family, friends, gulls, surfing and whatever else might make me happy.

Check it out, these are just a few examples of things resembling other things. Does this happen to you a lot? Post in comments and throw an upvote and share if you agree!

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Seagulls trying to stay warm remind me of peeps.

Dicky Moe the Lobsterman/Brenda Shoveling

My friend Brenda was out shoveling the neighbor’s walkway and all I could think of was a lamp of a lobsterman I used to have.

Trash Art/Daughter Snowboarding

This is a shred head. Next to shred head is my daughter snowboarding at 5 years old.

Line Drawing/Surfing

Image credits:

This is my line drawing of the feeling I had surfing one day. This is a photo my friend took of me surfing that day. I drew the picture before seeing the photo.

My Dog/My Dog

Trash Art/Myself

Trash art self-portrait.

Mermaid/My Dog

Image credits:

My dog sitting like a mermaid.