Planted aquarium is one of my biggest passion, and made me work in the aquarium industry as Promotion Manager and Community Manager. I love all kind of aquatic plants, especially the red ones. Then I thought : “why not have a tank planted 100 % red, with no green plants ?” And I did it ! I called this style the “Danish Style Aquarium”, because I created it in Denmark, where I live, and the Danish flag is mostly red.

In fact, there are a lot of plants that can grow red, if you provide a lot of nutrients and a lot of extra light. This red pigmentation is a response to the “extreme” conditions (the excess of light). Some plants are very easy to make red, some require more experience and dedication. But with the right combination, you can achieve a tank with an amazing palette of red, pink, orange or burgundy.

When the purists says it needs some green to add some contrast, I reply “why not ?”. There are so many tanks 100% green, so why not 100% red tanks !

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