My name is Eileen Marie and I’m a visual storyteller in Seattle, WA.

After battling depression for 10 years of my life and dealing with anxiety even to this day, this book encompasses my young adult soul and her journey towards healing and acceptance…5 years in the making! All I want people to get away from this book is…you aren’t alone, there is a way out, and that’s through balance, acceptance and love towards yourself. We are made up of light AND dark parts yet as a society we don’t discuss this openly and if we do, we are judged, which causes repression which leads to further imbalance. It’s okay, healing is possible and you aren’t crazy. You are perfect and beautiful just the way you are. And I wrote and illustrated this book so YOU could see that for yourself ! You are magical, so shine on!

“Cosmic Wanderlust personifies the dual natures which exists within us all. The debate between the darkness and the light is explored through black and white pages, illustrations, philosophical poetry and existential musings. Through universal subjects and themes, this book addresses the important questions in life such as mindfulness, suffering and healing, and begs the reader to answer these questions for themselves.”

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you all enjoy!

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