Toast and Jam are meant for each other! Oh, love… Can love be all laughs and happy moments? No, and that’s why the Toast and Jam’s story is with a twist. Like in real life they have their problems, share special moments, but also argue and break up. Their world is not limited to pieces of toast or jam, but to other kinds of food that can be easily found in our kitchen.

In the toast and jam’s world, is it cheating when you use one kind of jam instead of another? That is what I thought as I was putting some cherry jam on my toast instead of my preferred blueberry flavor. The idea developed into an alternative world of food life. I tried to imagine their table-top parties, blueberry dumbbells or olive barbells in the gym, their struggles with body image and so on. I am sharing this Toast and Jam’s story exclusively on Bored Panda!

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Living alone wasn’t fun for either of them

Toast and Jam were single, and they were not happy being alone. He was a great piece of toast, and she was a fantastic jar of Cherry Jam. Did they know how awesome they were? No, they thought they didn’t have a partner because they were not good enough! But it wasn’t true! They hadn’t met that right person yet!

How they met…

Once Toast and Jam went to a fashionable tabletop party. It was love at first sight! They were inseparable since then!

Beautiful walks together

Toast and Jam adored spending time in each other’s company. Especially they enjoyed walking in a park holding hands!

Enjoying a great movie together

At night, after a long working day, they loved to cuddle on a sofa and watch movies.

Body image struggles

Sometimes they would read fashion magazines and get upset that they were so far from Photoshopped standards of beauty. Reading fashion magazines is not the best idea, as that is how you start having this terrible inferiority complex!

Going to a SPA together

Toast and Jam loved indulging themselves in a SPA salon. They were sure that going to a SPA and spending a day there together was a great way to enjoy life as a couple!

Spotted blueberry jam!

But everything good comes to an end one day. Once Jam spotted some blueberry (!) jam on her Toast! They didn’t split up at that point, because Jam thought they would be able to work it out.

Caught cheating!

One day Jam came home earlier than usual and was shocked to see that jar of blueberry jam in their living room! Their relationship was rapidly approaching its end.

It’s all coming to an end…

One day Jam realized that Toast had never loved her, and she decided it was time to leave. She was not happy in that relationship anymore and felt so empty and exhausted.

The end…

They finally split up to never see each other again.

A new beginning…

One day Toast and Jam went to a fashionable tabletop party. They fell in love at first sight! Jam with Waffle and Toast and Salt! Maybe, this time they would be able to build stronger relationships with their new partners! Let’s hope so.