Tbilisi is the city of diversity. And if most landmarks are well known to everyone, it hides centuries-old marvels in its old architecture. If you are not sure where to look, you might even miss it. So I searched books and the internet, pinpointed the areas on my Google Maps and started my hunt. These are what I discovered. Unfortunately, many are ruined and need good restoration works, some were restored, and some remain untouched.

In the 19th century Tbilisi, it was fashionable to build luxurious houses. Each wealthy person tried to make his home distinctive from others and paid attention to every detail. Therefore, they brought various foreign architects to work on their houses.

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Former hotel London where Knut Hamsun stayed in 1899 at Atoneli Street


18 Tabidze Street

Not only corridors and ceilings, but back of the staircase was painted as well

Curved and painted ceiling at Chonkadze Street

Curved wooden walls with paintings at Dadiani Street

Very neglected hallway at Abakelia street

Other hallways